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March 29th, 2006

12:59 am - 78 weeks later...
Wow i never write in this son of a bitch anymore! Currently life is fucking retarded but there is always Elliot Smith to saronade me. I'm tired of drinking, tired of smoking pot, tired of relationships, tired of being mentally exhausted, tired of being paranoid, tired of feeling confined in this damn town, tired of going in circles. I need to explode into millions of tiny particles and be recycled into everything that the world is made of so I can start over again. I feel I need to catch up on life I have things that I have been meaning to do and all it is doing is piling up in my head because I don't have the money, reasources, or transportation. Slow down and breath and take things a single step at a time, it will take a while but one needs patience in order to progress.
Current Mood: pessimisticpessimistic
Current Music: Elliot Smith, Can't make a sound

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November 18th, 2004

12:14 am
My journal looks like a Boddingtons

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12:11 am - The Goings On
Well I got another job at Aaron brothers so now i have 2 jobs and shall be raking in the dough. The manager of Mikes apartments called Mike back and informed him that the people who were goin to take the apartment that I originally wanted backed out and now the manager is inquiring about me and told Mike that he will give me a call when the apartment is ready which will be in about 2 weeks. I am going to see Blonde Redhead with Mike,Jon, and my cousin Nathan because he needs to get out of the house and start being young and having fun. He's gonna be so surprised, I'm an awesome cousin, I got him into a band and now I am taking him to see them. I recently purchased a Boddington's tap handle off of ebay and I can't wait til it comes along with my Strokes poster and my Boddington's coasters. I like Boddington's. It is yummy. I am going to be doing a series of portraits of my co-workers at the Falconer to get me back into photography. I need to get a mini soft box for my flash, a new flash or actually just the shoe that is broken, and a handle......thingy as well as an off cammera TTL flash extension cord. What I have in mind so far for the photos are going to rock. Jon is going to interview Blonde Redhead apparently and I am hopefully going to get a backstage photo pass and will be able to get backstage pictures, if this happens: black and white all the way. I will also get to take pictures with the band, which reminds me I need to memorize thier names, I know one of the twins, the one who sings and plays guitar I think, is Amadeo because that is the one that Rhea touched, I need to learn the other because if I don't I will look retarded.

Alright, well to sum up

1.Two jobs that I love

2.Hopefully getting the place that I want and Mike and I can be neighbors and walkie talkie buddies.

3.Getting back into my photography.

4.Seeing Blonde Redhead for the first time which will also be the first show I have been to since The White Stripes with Rhea, Jon, and Aaron back in June of 2003

5.Hopefully getting to get a taste of being a professional backstage band photographer of Blonde Redhead mind you.

Things are lookin up for The Brandon,

A.K.A. Commander Colossal
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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October 24th, 2004

10:43 am - Countdown to somebody kill me day
so I just woke up from this dream in which I was looking for my rats with mike on a snowy mountain yet the mountains were on fire and it was christmas time, I found the rats and realized that instead of spending christmas with Rhea by ourselves in our own place like a real couple, I will now be spending it with my rats. Then I was at work and I was talking to the huge chameleon and he was like "Yeah I can talk, and so can the argus monitor and the tegus!" and I was like..."alright...." then the chameleon turned into Rhea and we started doing it but then customers came in and we had to stop. I wonder whats been going through MY mind!? So it's been a year since my birthday, the good birthday, and now everything is going to suck. I could remember in July when I was saying to myself "It's been a year since Rhea's birthday" and I couldn't believe that a year ago I took her out to dinner for it (and not at the Olive Garden!) and then apparently 3 months later we were both in california. Well I was sick as hell yesterday and am re-cooping, not much else happening, I need to organize my thoughts today and call Vance tomorrow and give him my apartment money then I will be the mayor of "Brokecity, USA."
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: None but thats a good idea!

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October 14th, 2004

11:09 pm - Wrath of THE BEARD!
Let me just open by saying it REALLY sucks when you have been writing in your journal for about 20 minutes and you accidentally hit the power button on the computer with your foot! Ok lets try this again.....

Ok so its been a while yet again since I have updated this thing so let's just get to the good stuff.

I soon will be getting my own place right across the hall from Mike wherein I shall shoot BB's at his door and communicate via walkie talkie's under the alias's "Commander Colossal" (me) and "Admiral Awesome" (Mike). My relationship is in limbo yet again but I think I would used to it by now, my birthday is coming up and for it I am giving myself the gift of Rock and Roll, RILO KILEY! Being The first show I have seen since The White Stripes with Rhea, Jon , and Aaron in Atlanta in July 2003 in which I received Jack White's pick, I'd say it's high FUCKING TIME! Especially since my last attempt to see them faltered due to record store suck-dom, although hours later I did get to shake the hand of "The Great One" Mr. Quentin Tarantino so I forgive them. And also I am giving myself the gift of my first apartment.

I will be 22,crap.

If anyone wants to get me new feet for my birthday, feel free (I think all of you want that present for me).

I released Chandler in my aunt's back yard a few hours ago.
He was thrilled but still slightly immobile until I sprayed him with much mist.

I am getting rats hopefully tomorrow and since my aunt won't let me keep them here, I am going to see if I can keep them at work until I get my place. I saw one I thought was cute and friendly about a week ago and wanted it but to my saddened surprise when I came in 2 days later it was already in the belly of a large snake.

F.Y.I. - rabbits are large and it is adorable to watch 6 foot python's snuggle with them, especially when the python starts to kiss the rabbit!
so cute!

I already know what I am going to name my rat ta tats.
The dark one (once I pick one out for there are many to choose from) I am going to name "GoGo" and the gingery tan colored one I am going to name after the person who persuaded (duped) me into liking rats in the first place, the freak queen of rats herself, the one, the only, the lovely, "Mandy." Your Welcome.

While I'm on the subject I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Amanda and Jon for being such great friends when I needed them the most. I had so much fun living with you both and am sorry I can't be your roommate anymore in the beautiful desert but alas, I must take the path of the real boy. But always remember....."I'll Be There For You!" (clap-clap-clap-clap)

The End
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Rilo Kiley

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September 23rd, 2004

04:29 pm - Moving is for the weak!
Moving sucks so much ass. Chandler is a shade of brown and I love chinese food.nd here is still the driving , and the unloading to do then I begin the magical time at my aunts house for the next two weeks then it's off to Tennessee. I am counting the days. Turns out I will have to take the bus, I was actually looking forward to it but then I have my mind set on flying when I came to the conclusion that it might actually be possible but now I learn that they will be checking ID's at airports now and with my warrant still out that wouldn't do me much good. I think Chandler is dry. well I better finish packing up all this crap. Blonde Redhead is beautiful.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Blonde Redhead - Pink Love

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September 22nd, 2004

09:33 pm - some crap
Well since it has been more than a while let me bring you up to speed (people whom I see everyday anyways because you are really the only ones that read this). Well I received my beloved Jenny and she sounds like a dream, I am sadly quitting my job and going to live with Jon and Amanda in le mobile home in Adel....... adelaaah........ I dare not speak it's name. Shame, twas such a good job, they really like me there. Well they said if circumstances should change and I find myself in Redlands again to come and talk to them about starting again. Bought a purple couch, a 1987 beer sign, had the worst Ninja Zombie shoot ever, and in 2 weeks shall be magically wisped away to Nashville Tennessee to spend 2 more weeks with my beloved which will add up to be an unbelievable 4 whole weeks I will have seen her in the past 13 months. Damn talk about needing room to breath! Looks to me like we are spending entirely too much time together in this relationship for my liking. In the words of Chandler Bing " Why don't we turn the heat down ON THIS PRESSURE COOKER!" All in my bloodline shall be bound to it's fate (literally, so many beards in my family) for I will risk no harm to the beard, it is......precious to me.......
Tis the folly of fools to dismiss the majesty of the beard for they shall receive thier comeuppance!
Current Mood: thirstyplus I really have to pee
Current Music: Blonde Redhead -Maddening Cloud

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September 1st, 2004

09:07 pm - An odd twist of fate
Apparently our director - Michael Gunther
and a cast member - Ergun Pascu were recently in a car accident yesterday, they are both fine with minor bruises and shattered lives.
Two odd things though:

1. The person in the other car was none other than an ex girlfriend of Ergun and also an ex fellow employee of Mike!
(she too is fine escaping death with only minor oral bleeding{where was the camera THEN!})

2. The accident happened when Ergun WASN'T driving like a complete maniac as usual! He was going 35MPH!

So a minor setback but we are hoping to pick it up where we left off in the next few days, we already have about 40 minutes of film and we are thinking about adding some more zombie scenes between what we have.

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August 14th, 2004

06:54 pm - Alter someones life by writing your name in thrift store jeans
I had a dream last night that I remembered that I was supposed to go see Rhea so I packed up all my shit and got on a bus to go see her. I've had dreams on the bus before but I never thought I would be on the bus IN my dreams. I had enough with this house today so I got some fresh air for a few hours listening to songs from Donnie Darko, the Pixies, and Portishead drawing strange pictures and writing, it made me feel free which is always good to feel. I went to the Blues and tried on some pants, afterwards I wrote a message on the inside of some jeans "Brandon Anderson tried these on 8/14/04 Redlands, CA. 6:14pm" so I did my part today in altering the universe for the future, for whoever buys those pants will have my name rubbing against their upper ass, let's hope it's a girl. And if I become well known then someone has a story to tell. Jack White used to put notes inside of couches when he was an upholsterer, so now people have couches that where made by Jack White with little pieces of his life inside of them. I just like the sound of that, it allows people to see famous people before they were known, that they had ordinary jobs and lives too at one time. So I better get on the ball with my endeavors so that whoever buys those jeans can appreciate this fact and not just have my name rubbing against their ass.

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02:22 pm - girlfriends suck
Don't you hate it when the only people you hang out with are couples and you are sitting quietly alone drinking beer after beer trying to ignore whats going on around you all the time wondering where your girlfriend is and what she is doing thousands of miles away and the only thing you can do is leave more messages on her answering machine, write emails that don't get replied to, stay up till 4am writing letters listening to sad songs and read the only contact you get from her which is in the form of cryptic journal posts?

Current Mood: restlessrestless

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